Woman left with “Angry Bird Eyes”

A 37 year old woman in Europe was getting ready to leave for a dream vacation with her family and decided to get her eyebrows done the day before the trip.

Image – Daily Mail

Colline Rees is a normal looking 37 year old who was ready for the family trip of a lifetime.

She went to the saloon for a eyebrow wax and the trainee that helped her.. Well.. Fucked up.

Image – Daily Mail

How does that even happen?

So another lady at the salon stepped in to save the day…. This should be good.

Once she sat up to look at what the woman had done to “save to day” she couldn’t believe her eyes…

Image – Daily Mail

I MEAN IS THIS REAL LIFE?! I’m not laughing you’re laughing.

She tried rubbing it off but the dye and dried and set in. There was nothing she could do but live with these thick ass eyebrows on vacation.

She refused to take any family pictures and could even go swimming because those big ass eyebrows weren’t allowed to get wet.

Daily Mail “I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry,’ a horrified Ms Rees said.

‘All my close friends and family were saying I look like something out of the Angry Birds game.”

Image – Rovio

Image – Daily Mail

I feel very bad for her but that’s just impossible not to laugh at.


Feature Image – Daily Mail

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