Where Are They Now? Lil Terrio

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I had just finished my junior year of high school when the internet gods decided it was time to bless us with Lil Terrio.

When I was looking up info on Terrio and finding out that he was 5 when this first video came out is WILD. Not that I think about Lil Terrio very often but finding out he just turned 12 today (Happy Birthday Terrio) is insane to me, I knew he wasn’t old but I figured he was at least in high school.

The first Terrio video is currently sitting at 1.7 million and if that doesn’t do it for you his second showing on Vine has over 8 million views on it.

Terrio did a few more vines and then it was quiet for the 6 year old, as it is for most kids in elementary school, until 4 years later when the Steelers brought him in to show the team a few dance moves.

Surprisingly, it is a lot harder to find out what a 12 year old former vine sensation is up to nowadays. I did find a report that estimates Terrio was worth $650,000 as of last year and if that is even remotely true I might off myself right now. Don’t get me wrong, I wish nothing but the best for Terrio but if I knew all I had to do was record my cousin dancing and he would be worth over half a million dollars a few years later and I didn’t do it I won’t be able to live with myself.

So, what is Lil Terrio up to now? Well when he isn’t in the studio with DJ Khaled,

you might catch him hanging out with any assortment of rappers.



Honestly, this kids whole life is an enigma and just a product of the internet. There might be no one else in history who will have their life so engulfed in the internet from such a young age and continue to be somewhat popular. I mean, I don’t know too many other 12 year olds with 830,000 Instagram followers.

It looks like he is pursuing a career in music and I for one can’t wait to see what comes from that. Personally, I am not going to listen a 12 year old rap but maybe when I’m 30 he will be of age and I’ll feel more comfortable checking out his songs. So where is Terrio? He is right where we left him 6 years ago, the internet.

I’ll leave you with some of that new new, though.


Long live Terrio.




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