Video Of A Snake Farting, Surprisingly Interesting

NYPost: If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like when a snake expels gas, look no further. A python owner in Elgin, South Carolina, filmed his pet snake, Todd, farting. In this strangely fascinating video, the gassy serpent appears to inhale a big breath before letting out the flatulence, shooting sawdust into the air.

Link to video

First off, who knew snakes even had buttholes? Might be the biggest breaking news this year. I mean yeah, they lay eggs, but I thought that was always out of their mouths. Just kind of assumed snakes didn’t pee or go poo-poo. Shocked to learn they fart, more shocked seeing it happen. Pretty impressive work though, reminds me a little bit of a dad fart. Dad’s love to make a spectacle of their booty pops. Just pushing way too hard and usually on camera as well.

Anyway, congrats guys and gals, you learned something new today. You’re welcome.

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