Mugshot Monday: Patriotic Drug Dealer

Hello and welcome back to another edition of Mugshot Monday. Today we head to Miami…. Which means you know this mugshot is going to be fire.

I would like to introduce you to Eric Buttciewicz. (Yes 100% his real name.) Eric was arrested at LIV Nightclub in Miami for selling Xanax to partygoers.

You might say, yeah ok? That happens everyday everywhere. Yes it does. However what Eric had painted on his face while arrested and mugshotted… Does not.

Image – Local10

I mean this man just loves his country. Is that the old Colonial Flag with the circle of stars? Dude is an OG.

Ok.. Ok.. It was during 4th of July that makes it a little bit more understandable but no less hilarious.

Here is a un-patriotic mugshot of Eric.

Image – Daily Mail

What it surprises you he’s been arrested more than once?

Bro are you trying to be an Instagram Model what’s with the half face kissy thing? Go back to painting your face.


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