Armie Hammer’s Son Likes Sucking His Toes?

Yes, this is an 100% true, non click bait headline. Armie Hammer’s son just really likes sucking in his dads toes.

His wife posted this Instagram story the other day and after extreme backlash from the internet, she was actually forced to address this instagram story of her son sucking on her husbands toes.

“it wasn’t seven minutes…more like five seconds.” She went on to say, “Our son likes to play with people’s feet and I put the video on our family stream because this phase is an ongoing joke. Sharing the video on Instagram was def not the best move on A’s part, but I can assure you that our children’s safety and well-being is always our first priority.”

“Our son likes to play with people’s feet” and “an ongoing joke”? I don’t know much about kids but it seems like there might be an actual fetish here and fetish shaming isn’t cool in 2019. Let the kid suck his dads toes if that’s what he wants to do. Don’t defend it to the haters. Plus I don’t know how much of a difference five seconds or seven minutes makes in this weirdness of the whole thing. The feet were at one point inside of his mouth. Tom Brady is o




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