A Little Monday Optimism


Happy Monday Friends

In all honesty, Monday’s are miserable, especially one in the dog days of Summer. I love baseball as much as the next guy, but a 2-1 ballgame at the end of July just isn’t going to get my juices flowing.

So let’s be a little optimistic, for once. Summer and this Godforsaken heat are already half over. August can be an absolute beatdown but there’s just four more weeks of misery until we reach the promise land


Yes, ladies and gentleman, we’re coming down the final stretch of emptiness in our lives. We have some good old fashioned FOOTBALL this week to keep our minds at ease.

Sure it’s the Hall of Fame Game, but it’s better than watching Love Island on repeat all week.

Just a couple more weeks until we get to hear Tony Romo squirm around on a close 3 & Inches call; And getting another look at Eli’s dumb face.

Even sooner until Alabama and Clemson start the road to their inevitable Championship rematch.

Wether college or professional, let’s all take a deep breath. We’re almost there.


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