TL vs Optic Gaming Recap (LCS)

What a wild game, obviously if you’re reading this and haven’t watched the match there will be spoilers. This is your warning.

I always like doing this recaps on Team Liquid for obvious reasons but every time I try to they end up losing or it just isn’t an entertaining game. It was looking like a loss early on in this game too.

Sadly I didn’t clip it but Doublelift didn’t even get back to his T1 turret before he got ganked and killed again. HUGE lead for Optic and against the best team in the league their confidence must’ve been sky high. Before I get too far ahead I loved the draft for both teams, the instant Yassuo/Gragas lock in hyped me up, I wish we got to see those two dominate but Crown is nuts and if he is on a safe champ like Corki there isn’t much to do.

TL is lucky that Impact is an absolute monster, and that Meteos threw the game, but before Impact became completely unkillable this happened.

I know they didn’t have vision on Corki but you have to keep track of the strongest player in the game. No chance the whole team should be stacked up in a bush like how they are against Optics team comp. Absolute brain fart here that not only led to an Ace but Baron and a second Infernal Dragon too. At this point in the game I would be spamming FF if this was SoloQ but instead Optic just handed the game over to TL. If you 6-0-6 Corki is split bot why are you ulting an Aatrox under tower Meteos? A veteran like Meteos needs to know the situations better than this.

TL wins another fight, gets Baron and completes a huge comeback.

Great comeback by TL but they shouldn’t be happy about this game, Optic isn’t a bad team but for the clear cut best team in the LCS you should not be down 6k gold to a team fighting for a playoff spot. You can’t get aced at 25 minutes when you’re supposed to have international success this year at Worlds. For Optic they should be very happy about the first 28ish minutes. They played a near perfect game but you can’t fight under an inhib turret with the strongest member of your team no where near you. Huge game by Impact, great to see TL can make big time comebacks but they need to better tomorrow against C9, I’m sure they know that and I’m sure they won’t need another huge comeback.


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