Rapper Chief Keef Is Reportedly Expecting His 10th Child With His 10th Baby Mama At Age 23

This is one of those things you hear and you actually kind of gasp. I don’t know what’s worse, 10 kids or 10 baby mamas. Chief Keef has years of peak fertility left and he’s already going to have 10 kids by the age of 23. How many more swimmers does he have? I mean tie the tubes already.

Chief is going to have to do a lot of features with Drake to keep up with these child support payments. I don’t know a whole lot about Keef’s career or rap style, but he’s been “retired” from rapping since 2016 when he was the old age of 20. I guess we know what he’s been doing with his free time.

This whole story is alleged at the current moment because there’s been no gender revel or Instagram announcement.

Chief Keef, not known as any way but legally Keith Farrelle Cozart, might even have trouble keeping count of how many there are. Classic Antonio Cromartie Hard Knocks situation.

Cozart previously admitted to fathering five children with four different women. However, court documents from December last year show he also admitted to fathering a further four children with another four women.

I don’t know when that was from or if the number just jumped from 5 to 9 or if it was more gradual but once you have 5 I think we can go ahead and believe the rumor without any firm proof.

Lucky #10 is rumored to be a “Youtuber” named Diamond Nicole.

During an alleged phone call in which she was arguing with Diamond, Diamond’s friend can be heard claiming that the social media starlet is pregnant with the famous rapper’s child. 

At the beginning of the year when Chief Keef was a measly father of 9, he was required to pay each $564/month, which comes out to $5,076. That actually sounds kind of cheap for that many kids. I used to get paid like $20/hour to babysit I can only imagine what actual childcare costs. Then there’s like education, soccer, cool clothes to post cute Instagrams, all of the things it takes to be a good parent. Can’t be retired from your only source of income with payments like that though. You’d think that might be what would trigger someone into wearing a condom. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chief Keef is worth $1 million. And with the lengthy legal history he has, he probably spent most of it on lawyer’s fees. If women are going to try to make a living off of someone else, you got to pick someone a little more profitable.

He is only making roughly $9k a month, which is a very nice total for the average person with no children or a couple of kids. The problem is that Keef is also listing that he has about $9k in monthly expenses.




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