Football Friday: 9AM PAC-12 Games

There has been a lot of buzz this week about the PAC-12 thinking about having some games be played at noon on the east coast… Meaning the games would actually be being played at 9AM on the west coast.

For the most part the rest of the country doesn’t get to see a bulk of the PAC-12 games because they are on so late at night. Some of us crazy college football fans (like me) will stay up to watch Cal vs Oregon State… But I never make it through the game.

So, to try and get more exposure and more eyeballs on their games they are thinking about playing a couple of games a year in the noon EST window. Which I love the idea.

However, it seems people are split on the idea.

Some think that no one on the east coast would watch a noon Arizona St vs Washington St game over a Michigan St vs Wisconsin game. But, I tend to disagree.

The PAC-12 has some fun teams and teams we don’t get to see a lot. So I wouldn’t mind seeing some “fresh new blood” on my TV screen over the same old games I see every Saturday. (Except if it is conflicting with Notre Dame of course.)

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Then there is the argument that students wouldn’t come to a 9AM game… And I say to that…….. BULLSHIT.

This would be something different. A “special event” and there is nothing college kids love more than getting drunk for a special event. Look what happens when Game Day is at a west coast school… It’s packed at 3AM.

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The kids would just drink all night and start tailgating when the sun comes up to get in the game for 9. And, you mean to tell me they wouldn’t be excited to have the game be done by noon for them, and then they have the rest of the day to continue the party? Get out of here.

Reminder… Most of these schools are in nice weather climates and they have massive pool parties on Saturdays. It’s actually a perfect scenario.

People also said the product wouldn’t be good because the players wouldn’t be prepared to play that early in the morning. Stop. Just stop. That is where the coaching staff and training staff comes in to make sure the players are prepared.

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The conference isn’t saying they are moving every game to 9AM. Just one game per team a season, maybe.

I love the idea so we can see more of these west coast teams. I love the idea for the conference to get more exposure. And I would have loved the idea if I was a student and had an excuse for a special events all night drinking party.

Try it out… If it doesn’t work, don’t do it again. It’s really simple.


Feature Image – Mercury News

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