76ers’ Trey Burke once dropped a 40-piece on Kemba Walker

Right around 8PM last night (July 25th) the 76ers released a statement that they had signed veteran point guard Trey Burke to a one year minimum contract. The 6’ 1”, 26 year old ball-handler has found himself somewhat of a niche as an above average backup guard after being labeled a bust early in his career. Trey was drafted 9th overall in the 2013 draft, bouncing around a few different teams before really establishing himself as a potential useful piece on both the Knicks and Mavericks. And yes, he did in fact put up 42 points on newly signed Celtics’ star Kemba Walker back in 2018. 

As someone who first-hand watched our bench collapse in the 2019 playoffs, I like this move a lot. Trey will provide a couple really good things to the Sixers as they tool up for a potential championship run, and I actually believe he’ll get the minutes to make a significant impact.

Burke was a NCAA star, leading Michigan on a magical March Madness run while averaging close to 19 a game in his final college season. However, since being drafted into the NBA it was clear he was never meant to be an NBA starter. His lack of size and average shooting in Utah led him to be moved on from quite quickly. 

As mentioned before though, Burke has somewhat re-invented himself recently. In his last 3 seasons he’s averaged right around 11 points per game, shot 35% from three, has one of the highest pick and roll production rates in the NBA, and never averaged over 1.2 turnovers a game. All in all Burke immediately becomes one of the better shooters and ball-handlers on our bench, his lack of size/defense should be covered by the monsters he’ll have playing besides him.

So now what you all are probably here for, how the hell did Burke score 42 on Kemba Walker. The Allen Iverson look alike went 19-31 from the field doing a majority of his work from the mid-range, making just three 3-pointers and 1 free throw all night. Burke also recorded a whopping 12 assists, however Kemba and the Hornets did go on to win in OT by a score of 137-128. It was a bizarre shootout where unsurprisingly not much defense was being played between the Hornets and the Knicks. Fun game for Trey, but here’s to me just hoping we see like 9 points a game from him off the bench in Philly. 



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-David Esser via Philly Sports Insider


~stats taken from basketball-reference.com and sports-reference.com 

~image taken from pinterest.com~

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