Someone Made a Guide for Every Bathroom at the Jersey Shore

It’s the season of summer weekend beach trips and don’t you worry, one writer has you covered with the most important part:


Don’t worry, we have all had writers block too. We’ve all reached this stage of “well, what the hell else am I gonna write about?”. I see no shame in this game. It just makes me remarkably happy to think that someone spent the better part of their day with their mind solely focused on public beach toilets.
I do give this person a ton of credit, they did their homework. BIG TIME. If there is a sanitary toilet anywhere near the beautiful sands of New Jersey it has been documented in this guide. It also includes instructions on how to get there (no instructions on how to use it).

I just don’t think this list may be as helpful as one may hope. If you’re in such a desperate situation that you’re options are either use a public bathroom at the Shore or publicly shit yourself, I don’t think you’ll have much time to confer in the toilet version of a Yelp Review.

Now, if you read this list, there are very specific instructions on how to get to the bathrooms at every shore point. There are also details on how nice the bathrooms are with features like air conditioning and changing rooms. What if this writer doubled down on their in-depth guide skills and did one for every beach bar? I’m sure it may have been done before but not as thoroughly as this writer could do it. Plus, I’m sure there are countless occasions where using the beach bar guide would lead to using the beach public restroom guide so you can throw up.
It’s a win win.






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