I’m Not A Vegan, But Vegan Restaurants Are MUY Fuego

Going to switch it up a bit from my normal weekly sports post….CUBS WON YESTERDAY AND OUR BULLPEN DIDN’T BLOW DICK AND COUGH UP A LEAD THIS TIME….ok, now I got it out of my system.

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Man, I miss Tony….but back to Vegan food! Ok, so I’ve never been opposed to trying new things like vegan dishes. In fact, a girlfriend I had in China was actually a vegan, but it’s so damn hard to be a vegan in China she eventually upgraded to vegetarian which made her bearable again. Hahaha I kid y’all, vegans are cool. This weekend a new girl I just met actually opened my eyes to a whole new world of restaurant experiences by showing me one of the best places to get a meal here in Chicago.

I’m talking about Handlebar up in Wicker Park. Now this choice is kind of a cop out when it comes to “Vegan Restaurants” since it’s not a primarily a Vegan joint since it has other options, but it has a lot of Vegan choices, and go to a restaurant with a Vegan then you’re bound to have some Vegan dishes.

We ended up ordering the Vegan Nachos to start as our appetizer and HOLY SHIT…

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The nachos were easily a 9.5/10. Some of the best I’ve ever tried. I couldn’t believe the cheese wasn’t the actual cheese I was used to. I can’t really remember what they made their cheese from…I feel like it was cashew cheese which I didn’t even know could be made into cheese. Vegans are a creative bunch. To be honest though, the reason I’m not giving these nachos a solid 10 is cause even with all that seasoning and spice those nachos had, some ground beef in there probably would’ve made me explode in my pants. Just have to be honest. I loved the vegan nachos, but I still love my meat, and I don’t think I’d ever be able to get rid of my love for prime steak and arrachera (basically skirt steak made by Mexicans for tacos).

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That being said this new girl definitely did blow my mind, and it wasn’t cause she was pretty cool and funny (though those were nice bonuses), but cause she had great taste in quality food so shout out to her for adding a bunch of restaurants to my foodie list since I now want to try out a bunch of different Vegan restaurants in the city just to see if they are all this good. Which ones are the best? What else won’t I believe isn’t meat or cheese? Will I turn into a Vegan?

Probably not haha but give me a follow on Instagram and Twitter to follow my reviews of these restaurants and give Handlebar a try if you haven’t already! I mean look at these dishes!

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