XXL Freshman 2019 Cypher review (1 and 2)

I missed it yesterday so today we’re going over both the first and second XXL Freshman cyphers.

CYPHER ONE- Lil Mosey, Meg The Stallion, TK Osiris and DaBaby

This years DJ was DJ  Scheme who I have never heard of but it looks like he was XXXTentacions DJ. The beat is cool, its fine. Nothing special. First up was Lil Mosey who before this never heard of and really wish it stayed that way. I don’t think you should have, without question, the worst verse on the cypher go first. I don’t know how they record it but I know once they heard him he should’ve went like third.

“God damn

I feel like the man

Freshman of the year i woke up like the man

Never poppin xans cause they killin me damn”

This was how he opened up the cypher and that is pretty mid if we’re all being honest. The sad thing is this was the best part of his whole verse and this dudes delivery, at least on this cypher, is absolute buns.

Lil Mosey – 2/10 

Next up was the hot girl herself Meg The Stallion. Of course I know of Meg but this is probably only the second time i’ve heard her rap and the first time in a live setting. It didn’t live up to the internet hype machine but it was solid. Like I said I’m not super familiar with her rapping but it felt like she was rapping faster just to rap fast, I think the bars themselves would’ve hit better if she slowed it down a bit but all in all a good verse. She wasn’t just going off fast but personally if she just slowed it down a bit I think it would’ve went better.

Meg The Stallion – 6.5/10

Now we have YK Osiris, someone else I have never heard of. At this point I think I’m just washed and somehow became the old man because I don’t know any of these people. XXL always has the random guy who sings but in a sort of rapping kind of way, this year it was YK. I can see why someone might be a fan of him, personally I’m not. I just don’t think singers should be on this list and that is my own personal bias but I didn’t like the verse and he doesn’t seem like that good of a singer either. Still better than that Lil Mosey dude.

YK Osiris- 4/10

DaBaby has shown up to close the cypher and I said I knew who Meg was just didn’t know her music that well it isn’t that way with DaBaby. I wouldn’t say I’m a fan but I definitely know and like a few of his songs so my expectations were higher from jump. His verse was far in a way the best one. He came through for two full minutes which in my opinion you don’t get credit for going extra long but if its good it doesn’t matter and it was good. There was a little lull in the middle but he seemed to recover nicely, I think he had the best flow by far too. He was dancing all over this beat. Really enjoyed this.

DaBaby- 8.5/10

CYPHER TWO- Rico Nasty, YBN Cordae and Blueface

Part two was released today and overall I would say this one was better but lets get into t.

First up was Rico Nasty. I have heard of Rico Nasty but I not only haven’t heard any music I thought Rico was a guy. My bad. I liked her verse. She seems a little off or at least thats the persona that I’m getting and I think she represented that well in her verse. Like Meg, I think she was going a little too fast and she stumbled a couple of times because of that. I do think, unlike Meg, the fast rapping seemed to fit her better but if she slowed down even a little bit those bars hit better. Very good verse and a good first impression for me.

Rico Nasty- 7.5/10

YBN Cordae was next and you guessed it, no clue who this guy is. I do need to ask, what is up with the letters in some of the newer rappers names? Is it a label or a neighborhood they grew up in, something like that? Either way, I though his verse was solid. I feel like this setting isn’t great for him to display himself but I do think he can actually rap. Didn’t love the verse and with me I’m really picky with the voices of rappers, I know i’m weird, so I don’t see myself buying an album anytime soon but pretty good verse just the wrong setting for him to prosper I’d say.

YBN Cordae- 5.5/10

Last up today is Blueface. I know him from Thotiana and I’ve seen a few other songs and just clips of him floating around Twitter. I was pleasantly surprised by his verse, it was pretty good. I did think less of it before I looked at the lyrics. First listen I thought it was just the same Blueface I’ve heard and I am meh on him but he has a few solid lines in and it is a short verse so tough to hate on it. The Martin Lawrence into the Kim Possible line into the famous crip line I really liked on second listen.

Blueface- 7/10

Overall the first two cyphers were okay but at this point in time I can’t ask much more than okay from XXL. I believe the third one drops tomorrow and it has Tierra Whack on who I have heard nothing but good things about so I’m expecting a lot. Come back tomorrow for that blog.


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