Macy’s Is In Hot Water Over Some Plates

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Macy’s put out these plates that are a joke about serving portions based on jean sizes and people are pissed. Here’s the real issue with this whole plate thing. The joke just isn’t that funny. It’s no problem at all to make a joke that people find offensive. You’re always going to find someone that has a problem with people making jokes. That’s just life in 2019. But as long as the joke is funny, who cares what people think. This just isn’t that funny. It took be a few seconds to understand the joke and when I did oh it got was a “oh, I get it.”

Now what is funny can be totally objective as well so some people might think this is laugh out loud funny. Those people probably also have a talking fish hanging up on their basement wall as well. But to each their own. If you’re going to do this, go all the way. Starting from the center out they should read: “10” – “6-7ish” – “<4”

Just really go full heel Macy’s. Can’t wait to see what comedy looks like in 10 years.


“Who’s there?”


“John please provide your pronouns”

“He, Him”

“You may enter my safe space.”

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