Happy National Tequila Day

Today is National Tequila Day, you bet your ass the wife and I will be celebrating… And so should you. I mean this national treasure of a holiday falls on hump day, I think it would be a damn sin if you don’t celebrate.

“Beer-Arita” anyone??

What is a great way to celebrate? MARGARITAS! What’s the most important part of a margarita?? The tequila of course, and tequila is a liquor you never want to cheap out on… Unless you want the worst headache of your life.

My top 3 Tequilas:

3. Jose Cuervo

You can never go wrong with Jose. He is even part of the daunted 3 Wisemen shot. And for margaritas it is smooth and does the job just fine! ESPECIAL!!

2. Don Julio

Don is good friends with Jose. He just might be a bit more of the “High Class Minute” Tequila than Jose is. Another fantastic choice for your on the rocks or frozen margarita!

1. Patron

Boom. The best when it comes to Tequila. (If you want a great shot try a chilled Cafe Patron.)

How about some great Margarita recipes to celebrate the day with…

Top 5 Types of Margaritas to try:

I am not counting down just the normal here. Not just… “Frozen Strawberry” “Classic on the rocks.” We all already know those are delicious. Let’s kick this party up a notch and get a little creative..

5. Cucumber Jalapeño Margarita

I love cucumber. I love jalapeño. I love that kind of drink with vodka… HELL YES it is going to be amazing as a margarita with tequila.

Recipe: Click Here

4. Chilled Citrus Margarita

That looks unbelievable. Citrus and tequila are such a great combination. Get the Just right “chilledness” and this drink is money!

Recipe: Click Here

3. Moonshine Margarita

Ok, we are taking out the tequila here but… It’s national Margarita Day not National Tequila so YOLO. Who doesn’t love a good Tennessee Moonshine? Make it into a Margarita… Yes please.

Recipe: Click Here

2. Watermelon Margarita

Sorry mother (she hates watermelon) but these are amazing. Again, it is not just a normal on the rocks fruit margarita. These bad boys have fresh chunks of watermelon in them.

Recipe: Click Here

1. Top of the Line Margarita

Yes, this is more like a classic margarita. But it’s a Higher Class Classic Margarita and you know how I roll…

Recipe: Click Here


For after all that Margarita drinking, you are tired but want to keep going?

Mexican Coffee

Does it have tequila in it? HAHA is that even a real question?

Recipe: Click Here

Oh wait… You want to keep celebrating Saturday morning? (Or need a hangover cure.)

Blood Maria

Listen, I hate bloody Mary’s but I know too many people love them to neglect them. And if there was every one I was going to have… THESE may be it.

Recipe: Click Here

Whether you are drinking a High Class Classic Margarita or crushing a Beer-Arita to celebrate today. The number one ingredient for a good time is doing it with the right people!



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