Bill Belichick Is The Most Electric Analyst Of All Time, According To Rich Eisen

It’s impossible not to get chills watching something like that. They say never meet your heroes, but I think Bill Belichick is the one that breaks the mold. If I had a dick it would be so hard listening to Rich Eisen talk about this top secret NFL Films production featuring Cris Collinsworth and Bill Belichick as analysts giving out NFL Top 100 players and coaches of all time. Is Belichick going to have to honor himself? No chance he’s part of any of that segment.

Despite not being able to share too many details but sharing a lot of details, Rich Eisen practically reaches completion while discussing how powerful Bill Belichick was as an analyst. Tony Romo better be shaking in his boots.

First he says that many NFL players and coaches, while being honored for a lifetime achievement of their illustrious career, couldn’t focus on anything else other than listening to Bill Belichick. By the sounds of it Belichick could not shut the fuck up. When asked how many episodes of this thing they were going to do the producers just said idk, but if Bill’s talking just let him go.

Turns out that was only 6 episodes but Belichick even had to be cut off for time for going over on an interview. Just like when you ask him about left footed punters or anything regarding the history of the game.





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[…] in July before the NFL Top 100 was revealed I (partially) sarcastically wrote a blog that Rich Eisen said Bill Belichick was the most electric analyst of all time. I might have exaggerated slightly but it’s not far from what Rich Eisen said […]