I Have A New Favorite Baseball Player And Her Name Is Ashton Lansdell

Fuck yes. I’m so here for a badass bitch playing baseball in college. Give me all the Ashton metal bat dingers. And sprinkle in those backwards K’s she’s handing out to dudes in the reg. Yo check the highlights, Ashton is about to be a problem in college. She’s got the Chase Utley jump snag down pat already.

Also she is out her making history like it’s no big deal:

Lansdell’s summer has extended a milestone year for her. During the spring, she was believed to have become the first girl to start a varsity baseball game in Cobb County history, pitching 3 1/3 innings in a win against Pebblebrook. MDJOnline

Listen I don’t know anything about Georgia Highlands College but I just became their super-fan. Let’s go horses or stallions or whatever the fuck they are.

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