Floyd Mayweather Talks About Possible Manny Pacquiao Rematch On IG

Well there you have it. Sounds like the rematch to one of boxings most over hyped and boring fights won’t be happening. Honestly, thank god. The first one was brutal. Everyone and their mother bought it because we felt like we had to. It was round after round of Floyd just rolling his shoulders and every now and then jabbing Pac. It sucked ass.

Also don’t want it to happen because I hate that Floyd is stupid rich. No not because he’s a high school drop out (dude can’t read) or because he’s black. No, I hate that he’s so rich because he is a wife beating scumbag. People seem to forget that, but just to make sure we’re all on the same page:

Mayweather’s record of domestic abuse:

2001: Mayweather punches Melissa Brim, the mother of his daughter, Iyanna, in the neck during an argument over child support at a Las Vegas mall. In March 2002, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, he pleaded guilty to two counts of batteryagainst Brim and received a suspended sentence. 

2003: Mayweather is accused of punching two female friends of Josie Harris, mother to three Mayweather children, at a Las Vegas nightclub and chasing them out of the club. Mayweather receives a suspended sentence after being convicted of two counts of battery, according to the Las Vegas Sun. He’s ordered to undergo “impulse control” counseling. The verdict is later vacated and the charges “dismissed per negotiations.”

2005: Mayweather stands trial for felony battery after allegedly punching and kicking Harris and dragging her out of his Bentley after she confronts him about cheating. Harris changes her story on the witness stand and says she lied to police about the fight and Mayweather’s history of abuse. Mayweather is acquitted.

2010: Mayweather and Harris have split, but she still lives in a house Mayweather owns. Mayweather confronts Harris at the house for dating NBA guard C.J. Watson. After police head off the initial fight, Mayweather returns shortly before dawn and beats Harris in the back of the head and threatens to beat his children if they call the police, according to the arrest report. In an account given to Las Vegas police, Harris’ son Koraun, then 10 years old, says, “I saw my dad was on my mom and my mom said go to the office my dad was hitting her… my dad kick my mom and he told me to go in my room.” Mayweather, who contends that he was trying to restrain Harris, is charged with multiple felonies. He pleads guilty to misdemeanor domestic assault and harassment and is sentenced to 90 days in jail, the Associated Press reported. He’s released a month early for good behavior.

So yeah, in short, fuck Mayweather and all his supporters. Yes he went undefeated but I stand by the fact that he never won a single important fight. He was the king of scrubs. All hail your king losers.

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