This Weekend Was RnR 9 But The Most Impressive Moment Came Before The Gloves Started Flying

Friday night was Rough N Rowdy 9 in Fayetteville North Carolina. Dave Portnoy is in Nantucket, so Large stepped in to help handle the announcing, and he crushed it. But his most impressive moment didn’t come during the slugfests. No, it happened prior to any fist flying. During Radio he was chatting with some of the fighters and this went down:

Did you see that? You might have missed it, but that was one of the cleanest daps these eyes have ever seen. That’s nothing to just brush off. Smooth daps are a rarity for us over 30 white fellas. Large’s execution was absolutely flawless. With the country’s current climate, white guys need wins where they can get them. I don’t want to sound dramatic but this is big for race relations. Large just might be the hero we need right now to pull this country together. Actually, the more I think about it, Large 2020 has a ring to it. I got his slogan now: “We’ve seen big changes, now it’s time for some Large ones!”

Holy shit, I’m hard

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