Now Ben Simmons’ Sister Went Off On Kendall Jenner, Says She Was Disrespectful To Their Mom

I think we can officially say that Kendall and Ben Simmons are done. They may want to get back together themselves, but after the comments made at this point, now by Ben’s sister Liv, I just don’t see any way of it happening.

Kendall was roasted last week by Kyle Kuzma’s ex girlfriend, even though she has not even admitted to dating him. After enduring the Pepsi controversy, Kendall is probably fully equipped to handle a little fire from a fitness Instagram model. But Ben Simmons sister accusing her of disrespecting their mom is a little more incendiary.


Now if it were just that tweet we might not get confirmation this is really about Kendall. However Liv Simmons is not known to take the foot off the throat in these situations, and all but confirmed this was about Kendall.


It wasn’t too hard to decipher after this tweet, which realistically could be applied to no less than 3,500 women on Twitter, but we all went straight to Kendall.


It has me a little confused because I wouldn’t say Kendall is KNOWN for dating athletes. I mean people do know she has dated athletes, but she’s not even the most known for dating athletes in her family. Kim Kardashian has worked her way through multiple leagues between Reggie Bush, Kris Humpries, Miles Austin and many, many more. Khloe has stuck mostly to the NBA but has a longer list than Kendall at this point, and Kylie’s got the rap industry under her belt. The resumes are all pretty stacked. Kendall is really the only one known for having an actual job outside of dating athletes. If you went up to 5 random people on the street and asked how they know Kendall Jenner, I bet the under of 1 mention her dating athletes.

If you want to be mad that Kendall disrespected your mom, by all means. I just wouldn’t start a war with Kris Jenner. You’re not going to win.



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