Mugshot Monday: “The Hickey King” Micah Musser

Last week we had our craziest Mugshot Monday every. Misty Loman a very crazy face transformation over the years in several mugshots.

Today… Micah Musser. At the time of his mugshot he was 18 and was arrested for trespassing. However it seems as though before getting arrested Micah was either gettin it in hard or was the victim of a vampire attack gone wrong.

Image – TwentyTwoWords

Wait.. No, maybe he is morphing into a cheetah??

Bro… You are gonna just let her (or him) just go buck wild on your neck like that?

During a TV interview on why he broke in you can see Micah’s neck still tatted up from the vacuum..

Image – WDRB

I cant see where the stars in his start end and the hickeys begin.


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