Angels Release Matt Harvey So Let’s Talk About Him To The Phillies

NBCSports:Among several transactions made on Sunday, the Angels announced that pitcher Matt Harvey has been released. The right-hander was designated for assignment on Friday.

Harvey, 30, was hoping to bounce back with the Angels after signing a one-year, $11 million contract in December. It didn’t work out. In 12 starts spanning 59 2/3 innings, Harvey allowed 47 earned runs on 63 hits and 29 walks with 39 strikeouts. Harvey missed time between May 24 and July 12 with an upper back injury.

Alright hear me out. 2019 Matt Harvey isn’t the same Cy Young candidate Matt Harvey of 2013 but when you’re talking about low risk, this is it. The trade deadline is only 9 days away and if Philadelphia is serious about making the playoffs, they are going to need some help in the pitching department. Unfortunately, Matt Klentak has come out and said that he isn’t interested in trading away his minor league treasure chest. That doesn’t leave you a ton of options when you’re chasing playoffs spots.

The answers are going to have to be cheap and low risk. Although it’s only been one start, the Drew Smyly signing has already gone better than planned. He made an impressive Phillies debut on Sunday.

Now understand, Smyly will come back down to earth but if he can mix in a few of these starts the rest of the way, it’s a win. That’s all you’d need from a Matt Harvey. He would be another cheap arm that hopefully can give you a few flashes of what he used to be a couple years ago. Please understand though, Harvey can’t be the answer this deadline. They have to do more but this feels like it would be another stress free move that could help the club. You can bring him out of the bullpen even if he agrees to that, which I think he would swing as his options are very limited.

Let him bring his awful 7+ ERA (Drew Smyly’s was over 8 when the Phillies grabbed him just FYI) and 4.4 BB/9 rate into Philadelphia and see what happens. He shits the bed game one, just cut him loose. If the Phillies offense does what it’s supposed to do, Matt Harvey could be Jamie Moyer 2.0. He could give up 5 runs a game but get 7+ in run support. And if nothing else, it would be great to watch him step into the mound at Citi Field as a Phillie and shit all over the Mets. Totally worth it.

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