This Six Year Old World Record Holder “Chechen Schwarzenegger” Will Kick Your Ass

I don’t know what the Chechenians are training this six year old for, but something is coming. At six, Rahim Kuriev just set two world records for push ups which is impressive until you realize it is “for a six year old”.

The “Chechen Schwarzenegger” set the world record with 4,183 reps for ‘Highest Number of Push-ups in Two Hours’ and then did another 4,618 reps for ‘Highest Number of Continuous Push-ups’, again for a six year old.

No matter what, doing over 9,000 pushups in one day is impressive. But I have a couple of issues with this prestigious honor.

First of all what was the world record for continuous push ups for a six year old before this? 4? Did he really have to stunt on everyone and do 9,000 or is he being trained for some secret mission? This video was just 15-20 intimidating foreign men watching a six year old do 9,000 pushups with a spotlight and a timer. There’s got to be more to it than that. I’m not going to investigate that any further because this kid and his handlers genuinely scare me.

Also I don’t want to shame a world record holder but towards the end those were some weak pushups. Never saw that kind of form from the real Schwarzenegger. Chest to the floor kid. That being said he has the upper body of a 26 year old.

On another note I feel bad for the people that focus their entire lives on winning a Guinness Book of World Record. 20 years ago I admit I owned a really badass holographic physical book of world records and it was cool to see what random shit people had a record for. Nowadays there’s a world record for everything. People on The Bachelor hold world records. No one has a harder job than the official committee of the Guinness Book. Always out on the road judging the legitimacy of a world record. I don’t think you can just call in and say you have the world record for push ups in 2 hours for a six year old and they just take your word for it. There’s probably a portal you can just upload it to at this point and they just email you a fake certificate.


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