Rapper Tay-K Found Guilty of Murder

Rapper Tay-K, who is best known for his song ‘The Race‘, was found guilty earlier today for a home invasion turned murder in 2016. He still has to go to trial for another murder case but for now he is facing 5-99 years in prison.

From what I can gather in the murder case he was convicted for today he was assisting in a robbery that turned into a murder but he didn’t pull the trigger, his next trial is for a murder that he allegedly did pull the trigger. What a wild life for a kid that young. I don’t know his family situation but that has to be awful to the parents of this kid. My 16 year old son is part of a BnE that ends up in the death of a 21 year old is hard enough but after he gets convicted of murder at 19 he still has to go to trial for ANOTHER murder?

I feel like 4 hours of deliberation for the jury is quick as fuck too. As shitty as it is to say for the victim I do hope he actually did what he’s accused of because it wouldn’t be the craziest thing to think that the jury was bias because of his reputation.

There are a few people saying he was the big fish and people who are more responible are getting off lighter because of who he is and you actually hate to see that. I can’t imagine potentially getting life in prison because you were more popular than the actual murderers.

I’ll update this with any new information.


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