Kyle Kuzma’s Model Ex Fires Back At Kendall Jenner For Dating Multiple NBA Players

Before Kyle Kuzma was spotted on a luxury yacht at a small group gathering with Kendall Jenner and her friends, Kuzma was definitely being extremely loyal to Instagram fitness model Katya Elise Henry.

In terms of quality of Instagram model, Katya seems like the creme de la creme. She has 6 million followers. Her ass is huge but still reads less than 50% plastic.

Kendall Jenner on the other hand, has 113 million. Although she came out and said she’s definitely not “dating” Kyle Kuzma, she has a history with a few of the NBA’s brightest stars, NOT all of the 5 that people are claiming.

Kendall replying to this meme is unnecessary, that is a pretty legit lineup. If presented the opportunity I’d for sure date every one of those guys. None of them are teammates, they’re all hot and rich and pretty good at basketball. Most Instagram models have a starting lineup of benchwarmers. Kendall’s got all starters, nothing to be ashamed about as a rumor.

I am trying to figure out which 2 of the 5 she’s saying she’s dated though. Definitely Ben Simmons, that one is the most public. But I really thought she dated-dated Blake Griffin and Jordan Clarkson too. I never heard a D’Angelo Russell rumor and she’s still denying she’s with Kuzma so which one was it really? I’m pretty sure Blake’s ex-fiancee and baby mama claimed he left her for Kendall so I’m inclined to say that but maybe she just started that rumor to sway public opinion. You can never really be sure in these situations.

The interesting part happened when Katya saw Kendall’s tweet, probably because she follows her on Twitter, and replied with a very choice GIF. Got them, Katya.



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