Football Friday: Last Chance U is BACK!

If you are a fan of us here at Branded Sports you know we are big fans of Last Chance U and the Independence Pirates.

The first two seasons followed EMC before switching to Indy for season 3 and season 4 which dropped on Netflix last night at midnight.

If you have never watched the series you must be living under a rock. It follows players as they try to revive their careers at the JUCO level.

Most of these kids have unbelievable talent and were playing at the DI level before usually having academic or personal issues that got them kicked out of their respective schools.

Playing for a team like Indy gives them the opportunity (their last chance) to get back to that DI level and keeping their hopes of the NFL alive. Many kids featured on the show have gone on the play in the SEC for example and others that are about to steer their NFL training camps next week.

Coach Brown is one of the most controversial figures in recent sports history. He is not afraid to speak the truth and very loudly. There are NO BLEEPS in this show and you will here the F Bomb being dropped by him at least 85 times an episode.

Nothing is hidden from the camera. On the field, in the classroom… You have full access to the Indy Pirates 2018 season.

Now head to the couch and binge it… Now.


Feature Image – COED

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