Dave Roberts Is A Little Cry Baby And Seems To Forget His Players Are Dirt Bags

Oh boo mother fucking hoo. It’s competitive sports Dave, people get emotional in big moments. Not sure how you made it this far getting offended by bad words. I have no problem if Hector screams at the Dodgers players. I have a problem with him doing it while he’s rocking an ERA over 4.00 and already have blown 4 saves this year. If Brad Lidge would have flipped off every team in 08 after slamming the door, I would have been all in. I strongly believe if you’re better than other people, you have every right to tell them. Sounds mean but in the world of sports it’s not.

Also this game was played in Philly, Hector does this in Dodgers stadium fine get angry. You never want to be shown up on your own turf. But until that happens stop the crying. Next game just plunk a hitter and move on. It’s baseball Dave, stop taking everything so personal. And if I remember correctly, in this same game you’re so upset about, your player cleated Rhys Hoskins. So don’t give me this act that you’re squad is holier then thou.

PS. No we need a Phillies Dodgers playoff series. The Phils will get stomped to death but it would still be electric.

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