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A lot has changed for the Philadelphia Phillies since the last time I spoke about potential deadline day trades. In the last nine days, the Phils have made zero moves, lost a home series to the Nationals, got stomped 16-2 by the Dodgers, and then walked it off in majestic fashion via some Bryce Harper heroics.

The front office appears to be veryyy confused about what direction they want to undertake this deadline with. One day I’m receiving reports on how the Phils believe they are a playoff team and want to go all in on some “win-now” moves, the next day I’m reading about how management doesn’t feel we can contend this season. It’s a yo-yo of rumors and emotions and most of it makes little sense. As of right now, the Phillies are hanging onto the second Wild Card spot by a thread, and despite the limbo that our team appears to be in, here’s a list of new trade rumors that have been circulating around the Phillies organization.


Marcus Stroman: Starting Pitcher, Toronto Blue Jays

The first member on our list is a familiar face, seeing as I mentioned him in my previous Phillies trade article (go check it out if you haven’t read it yet: Five MUST DO Trades for the Phillies at the Deadline). Not only is Marcus an immediate fix, but he’s a long-term fix. Stroman is due for arbitration in 2020 and has publicly stated his desire for a long term deal. At just 28 years of age and currently posting an ERA of 3.25, it’s the perfect target for Philly. Snagging a guy like Stroman now gives us one less position to worry about come this offseason. The main drawback for Marcus will be his price, as it’s no shock that we’re not the only team interested in him.


Mike Minor: Starting Pitcher, Texas Rangers

Mike Minor is increasingly likely to be traded in the next two weeks... The #Brewers and #Phillies are among the interested teams” –Jon Morosi via MLB Network

The Phillies need starting pitching, this is obvious. With the 4th worst team ERA in the entire National League, it should come to zero surprise that the Phillies are scouting more than one starting pitcher. Mike Minor is currently having one of the best if not the best season of his career. He’s sitting at an ERA of 2.73 with a WHIP of 1.164, those impressive numbers landing him in his first ever All-Star Game. Minor to the Phils makes sense for a lot of reasons: the Rangers want to sell, he’s 31 years old, he’s a lefty, and he’s under contract through 2020. Throw in the fact Texas could be looking to offload former Phillie Hunter Pence as well, it all seemingly works out. Keep your eye on this one for sure,


Mychal Givens: Relief Pitcher, Baltimore Orioles

The Baltimore Orioles are the worst team in baseball. The Baltimore Orioles will be trying to sell anything and everything at the deadline. The Baltimore Orioles have a half decent reliever on their roster. The Phillies have one of the worst bullpens in the entire league. You see how this one makes sense? Now Mychal Givens is no Aroldis Chapman or Josh Hader, but he’s a very solid and consistent veteran pitcher. With a career ERA of 3.28 and over 350 strikeouts, he would instantly slot in as one of our best options out of the pen. As long as Baltimore isn’t asking for anything crazy, this is a move we should make regardless of our position in the standings. John Town of “That Balls Outta Here” first announced this was a possibility two days ago, July 16th.


Backup Catcher/Third Base Replacements

Backup catcher and third base have been a constant position of need for the Philadelphia Phillies in 2019. With Andrew Knapp currently slashing an abysmal .162/.302/.250 at the plate this season, it’s no big secret that the Phils need to replace him. Fans have been calling for Knapp’s departure for as long as I can remember, and with Martin Maldonado recently being shipped out to Chicago to play backup for the Cubs, watch out for the Phils to make a similar move.

MLB insider Ken Rosenthal just recently reported that the Phillies will “almost certainly” be looking for a new candidate to run the hot corner. With Maikel Franco remaining his streaky self, and Alec Bohm waiting in the wings down in AA, it’s almost a given Franco will be moved at some point. Now this could go a lot of different ways, Franco could be moved before the deadline and the Phillies could grab a rental replacement or even run Scott Kingery there. Or, (I personally find this scenario more likely) the Phillies will continue to rotate him in for the rest of the season and offload him in the winter. Regardless Franco’s time in Philly is coming to an end, whether it’s sooner or later, only time will tell.


The Phillies are treading water, and the potential trades I just listed above won’t change that. The pitching staff needs an entire overhaul and there is some gaping holes in the offense. Given this, I would not count on any huge blockbuster rental deals from Klentak and the front office in the next week or so. I instead expect the team to look for both cheap and long-term solutions, and potentially a combination of the two. As the deadline rapidly approaches, make sure to follow me on Twitter to stay up to date with any and all Phillies trade rumors and/or deals.


Twitter: @phillyinsider99

-David Esser via Philly Sports Insider


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