Steph Curry Responds To Everyone Making Fun Of His Wife On The Internet

If you missed it earlier today, Ayesha curry was getting ripped to shreds on Twitter because of a video of her doing the Milly rock.

Listen, I’m a 30-year-old white guy, so the Milly rock isn’t in my arsenal. But I see no problem with this video. This looks like just some fine dance moves to me. Once again though, I’m not the Simon Cowell of Milly rocking. The rest of the Internet however thought she looked completely ridiculous and went in on her. So Steph felt the need to address the Milly rock controversy of 2019.

I’m not gonna say she told him he had to do this, but she 1,000,000% told him you had to do this. She sitting there watching him and basically playing the role of Steven Spielberg and directing the shit. I feel like Stef is just a broken man. A shell of his former Davidson self. Impossible to stay married to a woman that goes out and says that you can’t please her and then makes you defend her poor dance moves on Twitter. #NotMyMVP

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