Russia Isn’t Spying On You, You’re Not That Interesting

Let’s make one thing very clear, if Russia wanted to spy on us they don’t need some app 100,000 people downloaded for two days. While we’re at it, no one is spying on you through your webcam and the governments not usining your dna through 23 and me. You aren’t that important. No governments care that you cheated on your girlfriend Paul or that you have mild coke problem Karen.

The arrogance we have to think that anyone cares what we do is astounding. Your Wife doesn’t care what you did at work today Bill, you think Putin does?

Now, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the Russians are spying on us now and maybe the government is going to clone me using my spit from 23 and me. Maybe governments actually care about what time your hair appointment on Friday is, maybe.

Don’t get me wrong people are being spied on, not you though. You are just not interesting enough to spy on.


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