No one wants old ass Chris Paul

Where were you when Woj lied on the timeline? I was at my dining room table eating a microwavable burrito and before you ask, yes obviously the middle was still cold. Do you think Woj was laughing when Paul’s agent told him that it might be beneficial to start the season on OKC? What’s more disrespectful, the Thunder who are clearly in rebuild mode thinking Paul is going to help them lose more game or the fact no one wants to trade for him?

Chris Paul should be in a backup or mentor ship role at this point in his career. He’s still a good player but that guy being your starting PG is a team not going deep in the playoffs. The issue is he’s going to make more money over the next two years of his deal than the ENTIRE STATE OF OKLAHOMA MAKES IN A YEAR. This year and next year total Paul is pocketing a little under $80 million, not bad. Yearly the entire state of Oklahoma makes $75 million. I can’t get over this. This guy is untradeable and making more then every citizen in an entire state combined.

I won’t lie to you guys, I don’t know where to go from here. Finding out he makes more then an entire state really through me off.


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