Broomall is Always Ready to Wang Chung Tonight

When I was thinking of what to call this article, I had so many ideas. So many dick jokes. What the hell am I talking about you might ask? Because hidden in the street design of Broomall is a Dick and Two Balls:

No way you might say. That’s some other town and just a joke. I assure you this is real and it’s fantastic. Right off of 320 there’s the streets of Harmill, Brierwood, Hillview and Sylvan. These are the four streets that make up the Broomall Dick. Is it better to live on the balls or the shaft? I dunno. I’d let property values decide that for you.

Now you may ask: How did this happen? Who allowed this? Well Urban legend has it that the developer of the neighborhood was quite upset that the commissioners of that time would not let him put the amount of homes he had asked to build. So to get them back he built even less homes but in the shape of a dick to leave his mark on maps and atlases of Broomall till the end of time.

Thanks for the read and as always share and comment if you know of any other reason.

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