Mugshot Monday: Misty Loman. Drugs are Baaaaad! [Insane Pictures]

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So I am scrolling around looking for someone to feature for Mugshot Monday and I come across Misty Loman. I was first intrigued by the name… Was she a stripper that beat a guy up or something?

Then I see this mugshot:

Image –

Ok, well she looks pretty normal. Not the worst looking woman in the world, maybe she just was in the wrong place at the wrong time?

That was in 2005. Then I see she was arrested again..

Image –

Ok, so she frizzed out her hair she looks like life might have been getting a little rough, but still not Mugshot Monday Worthy.

But I kept seeing her name.. Misty Loman.. Misty Loman.. Misty Loman. Attached to drugs and then saw she was recently arrested IN COURT for showing up intoxicated.


Then it happened. Then I saw it. Scroll back up and look at Misty in 2005. Now get ready and scroll down and look at Misty in 2019…

Image – Dreamin Demon

Um. I have no words. It’s actually incredibly sad. And is the perfect time for a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT.


Gif – Giphy

This is the full montage of Misty’s mugshots:

Image –

That transformation is just unbelievable and incredible. How is that the same person? What in the HELL.


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8 thoughts on “Mugshot Monday: Misty Loman. Drugs are Baaaaad! [Insane Pictures]

  1. Doesn’t anyone know how to do research first without just believing everything they see on the internet??? Yes she does have a drug problem….but she also can cancer AND lupus. Ffs….

      1. I hope you never find yourself hopeless, in despair and alone.
        Shame on all of you! RESEARCH before you Vilify someone! Misty’s battling life-threatening illnesses, addiction, & trying to be a good mom! She lost 3 babies; has 2 kinds of Lupus; Bone Cancer-hair loss from chemo; & Scleroderma-causes tissues to harden, All Not drug-related!

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