Mike Scott Dropped 58 During A Pro-Am This Weekend

Let’s ask a question, is Mike Scott the most loved Philly athlete right now? Has to be top 3 at least. The Mike Scott Hive is the strongest force Philadelphia has seen since Randy Wolf’s Wolfpack.

I know what everyone is thinking, it’s just a pro am. But you drop 58 on anybody you’re having yourself a day. Trying playing your 5 year old child 1v1 on one of those Fisher Price plastic hoops. Yeah you’ll swat any every shot and posterize that little ankle bitter. But you’ll be gassed. No way you’ll make it to 58 points. You’ll be up like 30 nothing before you tap out to go grab a sandwich or your bad knee goes out.

Mike Scott is nothing short of a legend already. And I for one, am ready for summer to be over. I need football and basketball back in my life. Baseball, especially my this town right now, is like dying a slow painful death.

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