Breaking Down The Eagles Madden Rankings

The newest version of Madden is set to be released August 10th. Big day for gamers. Use to be one of my favorite release dates of the year. I looked forward to it, I pre-ordered, got to GameStop, picked it up and went home to heat the sticks up all night. And I don’t want to sound to braggadocios but I was nice. I would put a hurting on you back on the PS2 days. You did not want this smoke.

But even though I don’t play much at all, I still wanted to take a look at this years ratings for my Philadelphia Eagles. A few of these jumped out to me that I need to share.

First a fore most Carson Wentz – 82. 


82!???! So Carson is as good at his position as Ronald Darby is at his? And Agholor is a better WR than Wentz is a QB? Totally unacceptable. I’m not saying don’t buy the game but I am saying this is a load of horse shit. Carson was an MVP candidate and Ronald Darby could barely tie his shoes at points last season. You want to keep Agholor 83, fine, but that means Carson is a 90+. 82 for my king is insulting. And because I know people are wondering, Dak is an 81 which I think is fair for him.

Another thing I’d like to talk about concerning Ronald Darby. He’s a 93 speed, the same as DeSean Jackson. So you’re telling me, Darby is as fast as Jackson? Are the Madden ratings done by Ronald’s father? How is this guy rated so high?

Now on the other end of the spectrum, you have a guy getting underrated. Vaitai who listen, he’s not the best. But he has shown he can be more than serviceable at times. They got him at a 66. Right behind Daeshon Hall, a man who’s name you won’t be hearing much, if at all this year.

As far as the top 10 Eagles players by rating:

top 10.PNG

I think these are all pretty fair, except Wentz not being in the top 10 of course. The only one that raises an eyebrow is Peters. 87 or a guy that misses as much time as he does and who hits the deck way too many times a game, seems a little high. But I’m fine with the legacy rating system.

Fletcher Cox not being in the 99 club is somewhat laughable. The man needs to be double teamed to slow down. He affects plays without even having to make the tackle. Lane looks to have taken a step back from last year, surprising but that will change mid year.

Miles getting the slight bump above Smallwood, I think he’s going to be a monster but I like this as a starting point. I think it’s interesting that they don’t have a single RB over 80. Howard in my mind is above 80 and Clement would be around 80 as well.
JJ rated higher than Hollins is what sticks out here. Braxton Miller being on the roster is laugh out loud funny. The WR are going to have a year this season. Carson with a loaded roster of weapons is going to be deadly. Ertz is going to get so much attention that these guys are going to be running free all game long.
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