A Massive “Human-Sized” Jellyfish Found.

A biologist named Lizzie Daly took to the ocean for something she was creating called “Wild Ocean Week.” Little did she now how actually freakin CRAZY it would be.

Off the coast of England Lizzie came face to face with a GIANT Jellyfish.

Ok, when I’m at the Jersey shore and I see a dead baby jellyfish floating I run the hell out of the water… Immediately.

A GIANT Jellyfish… Fuck that.

This massive creature is called a Barrel Jellyfish and is found off the coast of Falmouth, Cornwell England.

Lizzie posted this picture when diving with the MASSIVE jellyfish on her Instagram.

Nope. Nope, Nope… NOPE.

I don’t think all the pee in the world would take the pain away if that god damn thing stung you!

Lizzie was in the ocean with her camera man Dan Abbott and she said:

Fox29 “I know barrel jellyfish get really big in size but I have never seen anything like it before!”

Fox29 “Neither of us have ever seen a jellyfish that big before,” commented Abbott. “It was an incredible and humbling experience.”

Image – Daly Mail

Just another reason that’s the ocean is scary as hell.


Feature Image – Huffpost

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