I talked to the guy who vaped Gamer Girl bath water


I’m sure everyone is familiar with Belle Delphine at this point even if you just know her as “Gamer Girl”. She is the British girl with over 4 million Instagram followers selling her bathwater. Real quick when i was checking to see how many followers she had I saw that she sold a $10,000 container of bath water and bro what the fuck is going on.


I’m still in shock someone paid 10k for some water. The point of all this nonsense is that I, as Brandeds number one blogger who was hired in June 2019, talked to the man who bought and vaped some of Belles original $30 bathwater.

I would 100% recommend watching Vitos video before continuing to read I would hate to spoil anything for you guys. I don’t know the best way to post this so I’ll be E and Vito will be V, hopefully that isn’t confusing.


E) Are you a fan of Belle or did you just make the video to make it?

V) I wasn’t really a fan but after learning more about her I am. She’s very funny.

E) Did you expect the video to go viral before you made it?

V) I figured it would probably do pretty well, just based on how people were reacting to my tweet teasing it. It’s still getting hits which is good, and new people seem to be discovering my channel.

E) People are clearly seeing the thumbnail and not watching your video before they react, do you have anything to say to those people?

V) Stop falling for such obvious jokes. You’re supposed to be voting for our next president, now is the time to figure out what reality is.

E) How did your normal followers/viewers react to the video?

V) They seemed to like it. They know I make weird stuff.

E) How did your family react to the video?

V) My dad thinks he sounds like an r word in the video but he seems to like it. My sister congratulated me on being in Rolling Stone because she considers that an actual accomplishment, as opposed to every other video I make which she thinks is stupid.

E) What was the meanest comment you got after making the video?

V) “You are without a doubt the plague infesting the modern white man and you should be ashamed.”

E) If you were to actually vape Belles bathwater what do you think it would taste like? Don’t forget shes British.

V) Spotted Pudding (Spotted Dick)


Huge thanks to Vito for talking with me.


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