Do I have to fight Joey Boats?

At some companies they discourage fighting between the employees, especially publicly, not at Branded. Over here our CEO puts bloggers in a virtual octagon based solely off of their profile pictures. I won’t lie the results of this poll were very eye opening.

Now as an unbiased bystander I would pick Boats off of that picture too so I understand it. I mean come on, dudes just mean muggin with the greatest stache I have EVER seen. I get it. Like a fool I didn’t know CEO Joe would put me in such a predicament so my picture is just me looking like an ABSOLUTE WEAPON. I’m sure everyone saw my picture and assumed that someone THAT handsome can’t fight a guy with a toothpick in his mouth while wearing a money suit. Water under the bridge, Joe is a puppet master and Boats is a swell guy. Zero hard feelings what so ever.

Now today while I was digging some holes at work a lot was going down on Twitter. Another “blogger” here at Branded saw all of us having fun with a lighthearted poll and decided the new guy, me, needed to be put in his place. I get it Chuckster, the new guy shows up and starts taking all your page views, you start feeling a little insecure after looking at my profile picture. Totally understandable. You see me, you see you. It’s tough, I apologize but you have to learn how to keep that toxicity to yourself it isn’t healthy.

At the end of the day Boats and I are cool. CEO Joe got EXACTLY what he wanted if not more out of this poll and for the time being Chuckster will hang out in my back pocket. Branded is a tight knit little family but sometimes your drunk uncle had a few too many at the cookout and needs to sleep it off.



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