Festival Partiers Puke Everywhere and Cause Chaos on European Flight!

I was in Europe last week flying from Dublin to Amsterdam and back and saw a ton of Ryanair planes and now seeing this story it makes me think…

Ryanair is our Spirit Airlines!

Passengers on a Ryanair flight from Manchester to Zadar (Croatia) say that this over 3 hour flight was the… “Flight From Hell!”

Over 30 party people were dominating the flight with their hammeredness. (I don’t think that is a word but it is for this situation.) The flight was even delayed because the crew couldn’t calm the partiers down, who apparently started the party before getting on the flight..

Mirror UKAll around the departure gate, revellers were spilling alcoholic drinks, jumping over chairs, screaming, shouting and swearing. Despite all this, all passengers were allowed to board.”

Passengers mentioned that when on the flight it was nearly impossible to hear the saftey instructions because the party was just too loud. I mean… NOT DURING THE LIFE VEST PART!

Parties in the isle?

Image – SWNS


Puke on the ground?

Image – SWNS


Passing out on people?

Image – SWNS


The airline said they were not serving alcohol to these partiers but some passengers are saying that’s bullshit.

Mirror UK “They were having shorts, vodka and tins of Heineken up to two hours into the flight. So it is absolute rubbish they weren’t serving alcohol.”

People said that the chants were unbearable!

Mirror UKOne of the loudest was one guy who was just shouting ‘Manchester, Manchester’ down my ear all the time. Others were shouting that too so I guess some of them were from there.”

Those goddamn soccer hooligans.

Once the plane landed a few were arrested.

Image – SWNS

If I was on this flight I don’t know what the hell I would have done. I can’t even imagine. I mean CEO Joe and I have done our crazy ass share of partying but this… No, not this.

RyanAir… You got some SPLANIN’ TO DO!


Feature Image – Mirror UK

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