SB Nation Editor Was Distraught Over The USWNT Celebration Today

If you have no idea what this sad lady is referring to, let’s catch you up. Earlier today the USWNT (ever heard of them) was in New York celebrating their absolute drubbing of the rest of the world. During that, Christen Press took over the Barstool IG account and had herself a fucking day.

Holy shit, how heart breaking. Not sure we’ll ever recover as a nation. I Don’t know anything about this young lady but I’d bet my life savings that she saw this IG post and cried. Like actually shed real life tears.

It’s so sad to jealous journalists take out their failures on Barstool or any other site they know nothing about. This girl probably went to college, got a degree and makes like 50k a year. While over at Barstool you have guys like Trent that have no journalism background and makes more than her. Listen we’d all love to be writing at Barstool. Don’t think that’s a secret at all. But when people don’t get what they want and decide to just hate the people that do. It’s just sad and pathetic.

we don’t need to get into the details about it but I think it’s so funny when people say things like “she stands for the opposite everything Barstool is.” What would that be? They are a satire site that creates a ton of entertaining content. I’ll never understand how people don’t get that. If you’re taking everything they do serious, you’re the idiot.

But that’s just the way the cookies crumble. Let’s just enjoy watching this play out on social media.

T’s and P’s for the people over at SB Nation.

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