Oklahoma City Thunder Reddit was in a DARK Place Yesterday

In the aftermath of the Kawhi Leonard monumental move to LA, the Oklahoma City Thunder have become a barren wasteland on the verge of a rebuild.

Kawhi Leonard came in during the middle of the night (literally), took Paul George and the hearts of Thunder fans alike.
What’s left is a slew of draft picks and an inevitable Russ Westbrook Trade. Thunder Reddit seems to be taking it well:
Jesus. If I didn’t despise Westbrook so much, I might be slightly sad. If you didn’t cry during that scene in Toy Story, you have no heart or empathy. You are as robotic and heartless as Kawhi himself. Sheesh, good thing Woody wasn’t a narcissistic ball hog who was more concerned with stats than winning. That would’ve really ruined the scene!
You really have to feel for Thunder fans with this one. I get that meme, I get where they’re coming from. Look how much Westbrook has given them. 0 titles, not being able to advance past the first round since he ran KD out of town, a meaningless MVP trophy. Ah, the wonderful memories.
I think my personal favorite Russell Westbrook memory is when he showed up to Game 5 of the 2016 Western Conference Finals in all black to signify the Warriors funeral. Then the Thunder blew a 3-1 lead, Westbrook shot 7/24 in Game 7 and KD left.
Yeah, it sucks that all the stars are leaving Oklahoma City and a clear rebuild is underway but let’s not cheer on Russ for his “loyalty”. The only reason he was “loyal” to the Thunder and the fans is because they let him get away with his triple double charade for so long. Stephen Adams should be locked away in a federal penitentiary for allowing Westbrook to sneak in on free throws and collect freebie rebounds.
All good things must come to an end. And all marriages between a franchise that should be in Seattle and the most overrated point guard in human history must come to an end too.
There have been several rumored landing spots for Westbrook. I’m holding out hope it will be with a team in either Syria or Siberia. But, if it HAS to be an NBA team, the Heat would be hilarious. I mean, I can’t think of two guys who have gone out of their way to prove they are egomaniacs more than Russ and Jimmy Butler.
It would be a real, real shame if Butler gets stuck with the historically worst three point shooter in NBA history. Butler had his choice between running it back with the Sixers, pairing up with Kawhi in LA, or going to Miami (just so he could get a team built around him). What a pity it would be if a month after he signs with the Heat so he could be “The Guy”, they brought in a shoot (poorly) first point guard.
Would be more chaos than the Butterfly Room in Toy Story 3.
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