Two ‘Mature’ Females Are Brought In To Teach Young Male How To Get It On

Mirror UK “The two Indian rhinoceros females arrived at Dierenrijk zoo in Nuenen after being temporarily lent out to the Dutch animal park by a zoo in Berlin. A zoo in the Netherlands has enlisted the help of two older female rhinos to teach a young male how to have sex.

Hot. Seen this scenario played out a million times on porn hub. Classic story line that is sure to help this young fella learn the ropes. This is right up there with mom teaches daughter on her boyfriend. I tip my cap to these Berlin zoo keepers. When it comes to saving the lives of a species, you spare no expense. You have to fly the best Italian whores you can find. I’ve never heard anything positive ever said about gals from Berlin. I’m sure they’re fine but this situation calls for something off the top shelf. 

Bring those old girls in, have them maybe start work on each other. Give him a few pointers on foreplay. Don’t just ram it in there, get them girls a little…….horny. At this point the young buck is going to be a little excited. Maybe have the zoo keeper come in and teach him the baseball line-up trick. Just because he is new to this doesn’t mean we should hang this guy out to dry. You calm him down, now toss him back out there. There is going to be a lot going on so hopefully the ladies can walk him through the basics. Front good, back bad. A little twist is ok but don’t pull. Spank, gauge reaction, determine if more spanking is in play.

That should do it. The young rhino should be ready to repopulate his species after that. He might act a little douchey at first or buy a used Mustang but he’ll grow out of it.


Featured Image: NewsLocker

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