Suspect in hiding gets caught because of massive fart

I mean sometimes you just can’t help yourself. Sometimes your body just takes over and farts. Other times you think…

“This won’t even make a noise” and it turns out to actually register on the Richter Scale.

Gif – Giphy

Well one of those things happened to a dude this weekend who was hiding from police and it didn’t work out well for him..

Police were trying to locate a man in Missouri who was wanted for possession of a controlled substance when the man just couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Fox5 NY “The suspect hid to avoid police, but apparently let out a fart so loudly, it gave up their hiding spot.”

I mean come on man. THAT is how you get caught?

That is one of the best social media posts from a government agency I have ever seen.

Way to use all both your hearing and smelling skills on this one officers!


Featured Image – Clay County Sheriff Missouri Facebook

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