State Of The Brand – 1 Year In The Books

Happy one year to all of our readers, listeners, and followers. I honestly can’t believe Branded has not only made it to 1 year live, but also the amount of success that we’ve seen in such a short time. Last year in June I was floating around the pool, chatting it up with my wife/baby mama about an idea I had. The idea was simple enough. Give content creators a place to work on their craft, build a following, and eventually go on to bigger and better places. I wanted to build the minor leagues of blogging.

Very shortly after Branded launched, I came to the realization that fuck it, let’s build something bigger. We’re not going to be simply just a launching pad for people, we’re going to be a place folks want to stay and contribute long term.

That lead us to add bloggers and content creators outside of Philadelphia. We currently have people from Boston, Philly, New Jersey, Chicago and one lunatic from Canada. The rest of this year I’m looking at adding even more content creators and not just bloggers. We are looking at bringing on a number of podcasts this fall to cover the NFL from some of the most popular cities across the country. By the end of 2019, I want to have roughly 5-10 more people contributing weekly to the site. The more people we have growing the brand, the more we’ll be able to continuously upgrade our content.

With the limited resources we had over the last year, we were still able to accomplish a ton. Some of the places our content was featured this past year were: Barstool Sports, E! News, Busted Coverage, Fox News, KFC Radio, Mad Dog Radio Sirus XM, ESPN 97.3, 97.5 The Fanatic and No doubt we came out the gates hot.

I’m also excited to tell you we will be looking to hire 1-2 new people soon to help work behind the scenes for us. They will be vital in our efforts to create new original content and also planning more Branded events. The amount of ideas we are going to execute over the next 52 weeks is staggering.

We will be dropping an official announcement later this week, but if this sounds like something that peaks your interest email us @

A few quick shout outs.

Tim Gilbert is our sales director and he’s been busting his ass trying to get us more opportunities. As we continue to grow, his job will get easier but until then, he keeps grinding.

Kmess has been the right hand man to pull all this off from the jump. There were two separate occasions that I contemplated shutting this entire thing down. Kevin, without even knowing it, helped me push on through. Without Kmess, Branded doesn’t exist. That simple.

Another guy that is more behind the scenes is Jay. My man gets great clicks when he does blog, but he does a lot of heavy lifting to keep this running smoothly. He’s helped close some of our most important relationships.

Ali is hands down our most talented writer. She will undoubtedly leave us for bigger and better things down the road. Right now it’s a race against time to get ourselves big enough before that happens so we can convince her to stay.

DSGN Tree for creating fire shirts for us. Go to our store and buy everything.

Everyone on the team that creates content. Dubs, Ru, Boats, Murt dog, Eddie, Sarge (and CSG Crew), Chuckles, PI David, Edgar, Harry, Eytan, Aidan, Degenerate Dan, Hoppsy, Glock and even Intern Mitch. Thank you. I don’t give you guys direction, I kind of just let you run your own shit, but that’s how I want it. I want you guys to produce what you want without me telling you what to do. I appreciate everything you do for Branded and I promise to do whatever I can to help you grow your own personal brands.

We’ve had people come in and out of Branded’s family this year in the blink of an eye (RIP College Mike). More people will be hired and more people will leave, that’s just the way it goes. I am looking for people that want to create, not for any reason other than they love it. Those are the people that are going to take this site out of the stratosphere and into orbit.

I was told that when you start your own business, it takes 5 years to know if you have something of substance or not. With 1 year down I feel confident that we have something here. We’ve had our fair share on ups and downs, in-fighting, arguments and more, but they were all based around one common goal – and that is growing this machine we call Branded Sports.

We’re always looking for writers, podcasters, vloggers and more. If you want to get involved please shoot me an email or DM me on Twitter. I want to take this site to the next level. I want a common phrase to be “yo, did you see that video on Branded?” Or “I read this blog on Branded, you have to check it out you’re going to laugh your tits off.”

Let’s keep making some internet noise.

Thank you, again, to all the followers because keeping you coming back is the reason we keep on coming back.

– CEO Joe



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