MLB should force Mets to trade Alonso.

Last night the world saw one of the most electric Homerun Derby’s of all time. Especially since a cool mill was on the line.

Baseball showed that it is just fine with some of the young superstars the game currently has. Acuna Jr. can mash and showed it, Vlad Jr. is just THICC and is going to dominate for years to come.

But, the winner Pete Alonso has been quietly dominating for two years. Last season he lead all the minors with 36 homers and this year as a rookie in Queens is leading all rookies in the same stat.

However, he is on the Mets. And the Mets are a poop sandwich that was thrown into a burning dumpster. All they do is lose and ruin players. The MLB commissioners office needs to step in immediately.

The game needs Pete Alonso and if they allow him to stay with the Mets his career with crash and burn. So we need to come together as baseball fans and plea to MLB to force the Mets to trade Pete Alonso… ANYWHERE.

Image – WhyTheMetsSuck

Hell, I’d rather see him In Cincinnati and you all know how much Dubs and I hate the Reds. The Mets don’t deserve Alonso and Alonso definitely doesn’t deserve to suffer a Queens death.

Do the right thing.


Feature Image – Newsweek

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