Olivia Culpo Has Upgraded To Christian McCaffery

I didn’t want to have to be the one to officially out Olivia and Christian’s relationship because I genuinely don’t want her to hate me, but someone else alluded to it online first so it’s time I reveal the confirmation I received months ago: Olivia Culpo and Christian McCaffrey are doing some version of “dating”.

People have been speculating every since Christian liked one of Olivia’s photos months ago and then sketchily removed it once other people on the internet noticed it. Since then, they’ve been leaving social media crumbs behind that seemed to confirm it and are currently doing a little post 4th of July couples vaca with friends and equally as hot people, Kristen Louelle and her husband/former Patriot Tyler Gaffney.

Since Danny Amendola’s public meltdown and attempted attack on Olivia and her “fishbowl lifestyle”, Olivia has been nothing but absolutely hot girl class. She has never once publicly commented nor felt the need to sell stories to Us Weekly about how I’m moving on 3 months after the breakup.

That story came out on June 29th, a week after someone told me Olivia spent the weekend in North Carolina with Christian and she started following some of his friends on Instagram.


Meanwhile, Christian’s most recent ex started getting real petty as an attempt to get to Olivia for dating her ex.


You mean to tell me people start spotting Christian and Olivia in public together and this girl liking Danny’s pics combined with Danny’s good PR Us Weekly article happening a week apart are just total coincidences? After that Instagram meltdown Danny just doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt anymore.

Anyways, back to the real love story. After seeing Olivia’s good friend Kristen arrive in Cabo at a romantic resort in Cabo and tag Olivia, I knew this was more than just a Three’s Company trip. Someone was bound to screw up and post something, it was only a matter of time. Before this story got deleted, Christian can be seen eating a wonderful Mexican feast with count em 4 OJ glasses, likely at the same resort and possibly even the same room as Olivia Culpo.

Then this one, which still lives on Kristen’s Insta story, gives visual proof that not only is Christian McCaffrey on this couples vacation, but he is looking FOINEEEE. I’m genuinely upset that the Lions and Panthers don’t play each other this season for the rights to Olivia’s heart. The rumors about Olivia dating Zedd just didn’t seem to many any sense, but Christian McCaffrey and Olivia would look damn good walking a red carpet together. And just think of the work Edelman would have to put in to talk Danny from a ledge on this one. After just two seasons, McCaffrey is already the NFL record holder for most receptions by a running back and is the Carolina Panthers single-season receptions leader. He may not have a Super Bowl ring (probably until the Patriots sign him at the end of his career), but he’s already worth more than Amendola.

Here is Christian and Tyler Gaffney on stage (and apparently losing) a hot guy tshirt contest of some sort. You can even hear Olivia saying “I wish I could post this so bad” in the background.

So sorry to blow your cover Olivia but I don’t think you have anything to hide. Flaunt that shit girl, for anyone that’s ever called you a social climber or been on Team Danny (never once). It’s the hot girl summer, and she should own her resume and that six pack. Nick Jonas, Tim Tebow, Danny Amendola and now Christian McCaffrey? That’s a Hall of Fame roster right there and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. Sorry that hot, young, rich, athletic men all want to date Olivia. And it’s more than just a two week affair too–these guys want to lay down roots with her. Nick Jonas wrote “Jealous” about her, Tebow went on to marry another Miss Universe and she drove Danny Amendola to a mental break with how hot her sex is. If Christian McCaffrey is her next piece of arm candy, you can be sure he is about to invest some time into this relationship. Danny’s Instagram was like a glowing Yelp review for Olivia as a girlfriend. As long as Olivia’s happy, I’m happy. If Christian was smart he would make nice with Olivia’s supporter or else I’ll come for his dick too.

Cheers to the happy couple!

Update: TMZ must have read this blog.


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