Flight Attendants Revealed The 9 Most Annoying Things Passengers Do And I’m Happy To Report I Only Do 3

Business Insider Top 9 Most Annoying Things Passengers Do.

A lot of annoying travelers out there. I fly a few times a month and I find that every time I’m blown away by how insane people are out there. Right when you think you’ve seen it all, you get caught behind a guy walking on the plane that smells as if he lives in an actual pile of do shit.

So Business Insider surveyed flight attendants and compiled the top 9 things passengers do. I only do 3 of 9 so I’m labeling that a win.

Keeping their headphones in during beverage service: I 1000000% do this. I make sure to say no thank you and give the wave but I’m not removing my headphones. I have built a strong flying playlist labelled my “Sleepy Time” mix. It’s all smooth music to keep you calm and happy during a flight. Does it allow for you to peacefully nod off as well? You betcha.

Being impatient about getting rid of trash: Couldn’t be further from me. Just like when I’m at a restaurant, you can abuse me. Walk by me and never take my trash, I won’t even attempt to gain your attention. When I am getting service I accept literally everything.

Not obeying the seat belt light: Yup this is me but not in the sense they are referring to. They are talking about people getting up when the seat belt light in on. I wouldn’t do that. I do however not wear my seat belt. I know this is probably super unsafe but I guess I’m just a badass that lives in the fast lane. If I do happen to wear my seat belt I take it off the moment we land. I do wait for the ding and everyone to do it at the same time. Girls love bad boys.

Playing musical chairs with seat assignments: This one is annoying for everyone. Your seat is your seat. You don’t need to sit next to your girlfriend for the next 2 hours. Just enjoy the peace and quiet and take your seat. If you ask people to move seats on the plane you’re the worst type of person. You probably say things like “the book is better than the movie” too.

Leaving a huge mess: Messy people suck. not much more to say, don’t do it.

Not acknowledging the flight attendant during a conversation: This isn’t even a flight thing this is just an everyday thing. When people are talking to you, don’t just ignore them. It’s that easy.

Hitting the call button for no reason: I don’t understand why there are even call buttons. What would you need to press that for? They bring you drinks and food without having to ask. Then they come and pick up all the trash, once again, without being asked. What else would you need their attention for? I can’t think of one good reason.

Touching flight attendants to get their attention: People are touching people in 2019??!?!? You have to be a crazy person to touch people without their consent. Even a tap on the shoulder is playing in muddy waters. How about the good old fashion wave? Or even a nod. I’m out on touching people, ever.

Underestimating the importance of a flight attendant’s job: This one is me. I’m sorry to all flight attendants but it’s true. I don’t listen to the safety thing. The article states the following

“Flight attendants are trained to handle situations like fire, intoxicated passengers, bomb threats and medical emergencies.”

I’m sure you would knock it out of the park with all those scenarios but the reality is if one of those goes down, take it away. Until then though, I’m not paying attention unless you are talking directly to me. Not a rude thing, just a, I want to get where I’m going and have minimal human interaction.

So there you have it, I’m a 3 for 9 guy. Flight attendants probably feel indifferent about me. Not sure if I’m annoying or just the guy that makes their job easier because I don’t need anything. I like to think the second but most likely the first. What’s your annoying flier number?

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