Kyle Kuzma Doesn’t Seem To Care That The Lakers Didn’t Get Kawhi After Partying With Kendall Jenner On A Yacht For The Fourth Of July (Plus A Kendall And Ben Simmons Reunion The Same Day)

I’ve already told you how impactful the start of NBA free agency is on the thottourages across the country (and Canada). The impact of the Kardashian/Jenner family on the NBA is even greater. With most of the sisters are in a freeze out due to the transgressions of Tristan Thompson, Kendall Jenner cannot stay away. While the rest of us were clawin’ it up grilling some Hebrew Nationals, Kendall was volleyballing back and forth between the future stars of the NBA.

On the Fourth, Kendall and her friends naturally planned a chic yacht party with none other than Lakers scrub (according to NBA twitter), Kyle Kuzma. Kris Jenner is the GM of the NBA, so when the Lakers were trying to pull off a trade for Anthony Davis, she polled her daughters to see if there was anyone worth saving. Everyone passed on Lonzo, Josh Hart and Brandon Ingram, but Kendall must have saw something in Kuz that saved his LA life.

Allegedly Kendall kept a pretty small crew for the 4th, and from the looks of it it might have been a white party: very American. Kendall and Kyle had a minute alone before rejoining the crew.

Honestly Kendall and Kyle flows off the tongue pretty nicely, probably because it’s a K name and sounds eerily close to Kendall and Kylie, but as a Lakers fan I’m not here for this relationship. Sure, Kendall is the classiest of the family. She has the most legitimate job, and does not look like a plastic Bratz doll. But her track record dating champion players is lackluster. Between Blake Griffin, Jordan Clarkson, Chandler Parsons and Ben Simmons, there are zero NBA championships. I mean, even Tristan has one of those.

After the boat party, Kendall, Kuz and the rest of their crew headed some Booty Bellows party at Nobu in Malibu (feels like just a Mad Libs of the most LA words) where none other than Ben Simmons was also attending.

A source tells E! News, “Kendall arrived and went straight to Gigi and Bella’s table to hangout with them. She did see Ben and they did have a short run in but they didn’t talk at all.”

Unlike literally all of her family members, Kendall does a pretty good job of keeping her relationships relatively private. We’re still not completely confident what is or has gone on with Ben Simmons. “Sources” are saying they officially broke up in May but have been in contact as recently as last week when Ben liked a picture Kendall posted at some hipster acne mural in Brooklyn. Plus sources have known to be a little unreliable nowadays.

Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 5.15.22 PM.png

Kuzma most recently was linked to Instagram model Katya Henry, who was spotted at many Lakers games last season and could probably pass for one of Kendall’s sisters. Someone is trying to push the message that he “couldn’t handle her” and that probably means financially because he hasn’t got his big contract yet. Dr. Miami is expensive as fuck, from what I hear.

There’s no chance this relationship lasts until training camp, but let these two have their Summer League fun while they can. Kendall going from Jordan Clarkson to Kyle Kuzma like the 2017 Lakers. Here’s to hoping this season ends differently.


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