USA Takes Down Racist England

USA USA USA!!! Let’s fucking goooooooo!!! Ben Franklin, George Washington, Alex Morgan. The most important Americans of all time. USA took down the Brits and is on their way to a championship this Saturday.

In the commotion of the big victory and England missing another penalty kick. It turns out that England’s women’s team are a bunch of racists.

Just tossing around the white power symbol all willy-nilly like. And from the player with the last name white on top of that.

You hate to see racism in the year 2019 still hanging around. But the United States destroyed the Nazis and today they destroyed racism all across Europe. Alex Morgan is going on the $20 bill starting on Sunday. The day she turns 35 she’s running for president. She’ll be the first person to ever win all 50 states.

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