The “DJax Effect”: What Desean Jackson will bring to the 2019 Eagles

I was ruffling through my closet the other day, getting ready for work, when I saw my old “kids sized” late-2000s era Desean Jackson jersey. Seeing as the Phillies are stinking up the place, and the 76ers free agency moves are coming to a close, I feel like now is a fantastic time to talk about a positive thing in Philly sports: #10s return to our beloved Eagles.

Desean Jackson, without a doubt, is one of the most electrifying athletes to ever play for the city of Philadelphia, and honestly probably one of the most electrifying athletes to ever play in the ENTIRE NFL. “Djax” ranks 4th all time for the Eagles in receiving yards, 9th in receptions, 9th in receiving touchdowns and 5th in average yards per reception. On top of these records, he also ranks 1st for the Eagles in punt return touchdowns and 2nd in total punt return yards. Given that he only played six seasons for the Philadelphia Eagles, it’s pretty surreal that his name is apart of so many different franchise records. There is no arguing the pure level of production he provided in the city of Philadelphia.

Jackson’s time with the Eagles are some of the most exciting we’ve seen as Eagles fans. A majority of my favorite childhood football memories include Michaell Vick bombing it 70 yards down the field to a streaking Djax, or Desean showboating as he waltzes into the endzone time after time. Given the messy end that Djax had with the Eagles the first go-around with Chip Kelly, it only feels right that we brought him back to hopefully retire with us one day.

Regardless of any emotional connections to the trade that brought Djax home, it was yet again another fantastic deal from Howie Roseman. Despite his age, (33 in December), Desean Jackson was still ridiculously effective with Tampa Bay last season. Jackson led the entire NFL in yards per reception (18.9), and his QB for most of the season (Ryan Fitzpatrick) led the entire NFL in both yards per pass attempt AND net yards per pass attempt. Not only was Jackson elite as a receiver, but he helped turn his very below average QB into a league leading one in certain stats. 

Deep threat was easily one of the Eagle’s biggest issues in 2018. With Mike Wallace going down early in the season, Doug Pederson never had a true over the top deep threat similar to that of Torrey Smith in 2018. Wentz AND Foles both ranked outside of the top ten in yds/pass attempt and net yds/pass attempt in 2019, that’s a problem. Adding Djax to our already stacked offense, directly addresses AND solves this issue.

Adding back Jackson is awesome, everyone gets to wear their old jerseys and the front office gets to right a wrong that was committed years ago. Jackson brings one of the best deep threats in NFL history to the Eagles, a player who will catch multiple 20+ receptions, score a lot of touchdowns, and make an impact on special teams. It’s impossible to not be excited to see Wentz throw some bombs to Djax, hopefully en route to Jackson’s first Super Bowl ring, and the Bird’s second. 


Twitter: @phillyinsider99

-David Esser via Philly Sports Insider


~stats taken from The Football Database and Pro Football Reference~

~image taken from CBSPhilly~


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